Welcome to the Rotary Club of Clayton! This site provides information for current members as well as prospective members who may have an interest in joining our service organization. Please visit us on Facebook as well. The Rotary Club of Clayton currently has members representing a multitude of professions who have realized the many benefits of what it means to be a Rotarian. These include developing lasting friendships while at the same time advancing peace and goodwill through service on a local, national and international level. This is accomplished by interacting with members at our weekly meetings, performing local service projects, involvement with international projects, and also participating in our fellowship activities.  As a new member, you’ll get a chance to become more involved in your community and to provide aid to other parts of the world through the opportunities that your Rotary club and Rotary International offer. Longtime Rotarians agree that involvement is key to getting the most out of membership. Volunteer to serve on a committee that meets your interests. These activities will help you get to know your fellow club members and better understand the work of Rotary. If you are a current member who is not actively involved or someone who is considering joining the Club please contact Secretary, Mary Zovistoski at 315-686-3676, to discuss our Club further. Prospective members are encouraged to be our guest at one of our weekly meetings. We meet at the Pier House Resturant every Tuesday at 6:30.  This will give you an opportunity to determine if this is an organization you would like to be actively involved in.